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If your iPhone needs a new battery, broken screen, or other repair services that can be fixed at our Kuala Lumpur shop, please get in touch with us today! We offer a same-day turnaround for most repairs at affordable prices.
Some of the services we provide include residence pickups and drop-offs, fixing iPhones including old models such as 4S up through the newest X/X+ series phones, restoring forgotten passwords so you’ll never have trouble logging back into your devices again; unlocking SIM cards when someone else tries taking control over them.

Sometimes people think technology is invincible until something happens, such as dropping one’s cell phone into liquid substances like rainwater; unfortunately, these accidents happen without fail every single day all over the world. There are several ways your phone can get wet.

If you drop it in the bath, for example, or if it starts raining and gets washed away – there’s not much that will help others than powering off this device and letting any moisture evaporate from its casing (you want to avoid turning on electricity again). One possible solution could be getting a professional data recovery service at The iPhone Repair. Call us today to learn what option is suitable for your iPhone Water Damage Repair.

We know that your phone is a valuable asset at the iPhone Repair and want you to get back into action as soon as possible, so we provide you with quick, proficient iPhone Screen Repairs for all Apple models. We make sure that your iPhone is always in its best possible form. With our expert service, you can get a new screen for your phone in as little time with no hassle or fuss! We use only top-quality parts and materials, which ensures long-lasting results, so not even water exposure will harm it overextended usage periods.

The team at Cell Phone Clinic is here 24/7 – 365 days per year so that you’re able to get any issue resolved as soon as possible. If it’s broken or dead, we have got an expert ready right away; all without breaking the bank by replacing costly parts like screens which are easily replaced when necessary in just 30 minutes. You can’t go wrong with our professional iPhone repair service. We offer a wide range of services to keep your phone running smoothly, including screen replacements and tempered glass installations for free!

iPhone battery issues are not uncommon. When your phone’s power starts to die out, it could be because of a problem with the lithium-particle battery, in which case you’ll want our help at Lowyat Plaza! Luckily you can get your phone fixed at our Lowyat Plaza location and receive 50% off if you have any screen repairs done as well! We have replaceable batteries for all models and can fix them up quickly so that you’re good as new again 15 minutes later (or less).

We’re here to help you keep your phone camera in perfect working order. If the glass on the back of your device has been damaged, our team can replace it without having to remove any parts, and we won’t charge a penny! We will do all this within 30 minutes or less depending upon what needs fixing – call us before arriving to ensure the camera for your phone model is in stock.

Apple devices are known for their sleek design and high-quality sound. However, suppose you have an iPhone or iPad with no audio output from the speaker on your device. In that case, it might need service as there could be many causes, including dust buildup that prevents signal transmission between components inside of them.

This type of problem can usually be repaired within 30 minutes at our store, where professionals fix computer hardware issues like speakers without draining customers’ wallets by charging more than what was initially quoted. Enquire Now 6011-3930-2194.

Your motherboard is a critical and complex component of your device. It includes processors, audio cards, video graphics, and other IC units that make up for the overall performance of your system or laptop’s operating system (OS). Maintaining this integral part can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean you should throw away all hope when repairing minor problems on a single board!

Sometimes your device encounters problems with its internal system, which can lead you to think about replacing the entire thing when it’s only necessary for minor repairs such as fixing an overheating issue or crashes due to damage done by virus infections in some cases. Such problems would require more than just installing new components on top of old ones since these issues may stem far deeper into underlying software design flaws.

The iPhone Repairs

Packed with a wealth of experience, we are Kuala Lumpur’s most reliable iPhone Repair shop. With our professional service, you can get your phone back in no time and avoid long hold-up times or high costs when sending it to Apple’s maker for repairs!

Has your iPhone been repaired at the most experienced repair shop in Kuala Lumpur? With our professional technicians, we can fix practically any issue you are encountering with any model of iPhone, whether it be urgent or needs some minor adjustments like changing a battery size, for example! Whether it’s iPhone Screen Repair or any other issues, we will fix your phone within 30 minutes, making us different from other services! You don’t need to make appointments to visit us.

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