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iphone battery replacement

iPhones are famous for their significantly long battery time up to 10-12 hours. There are several types of issues that your iPhone’s battery can encounter. THE IPHONE REPAIR has a comprehensive and up to the mark solutions for all of these issues. If your iPhone not Charging our Experts diagnose it First, Either Change iPhone Battery or  iphone charging port, Visit our Plaza Low yat Phone Repair Lab or Call us +60 11 3930-2194 for iPhone Battery Replacement Malaysia Price. Guarantee of Prestige Performance

Rapid drainage of battery

There are numerous reasons why your iPhone’s battery drainage is too fast. One of the main causes is excessive use of your phone in low battery and not charging your phone on time.Well, whatever the issue is we are here to help you. We will analyze your phone and decide whether it needs a battery replacement or a little repair and upgrade are going to work fine.

Iphone battery replacement

Slow charging

Slow charging is also a quite irritating matter. Especially, in this era of technology, a slow charging battery is of no use at all. Then what to do? Here is the solution. Stay in touch with THE PHONE REPAIR and Change iPhone battery Malaysia at affordable price-compatible one with a guarantee of prestige performance.

Are you one of them who drag their appliance to the verge of extinction? Don’t worry if your battery is not able to be charged anymore, because we have a huge range of high-performance battery of each version of iPhone.These batteries are tested and certified. If you are not satisfied with our replaced battery you can give it back.

iphone charging problem
iphone power off

Dead Power off Repair

Are you worried about your iPhone’s dead power off issue? Stay calm and contact THE IPHONE REPAIR, as our technicians are expert in up to the mark iPhone repair in your budget.

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