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iPhone Sound Repair

I’ve additionally been in this equivalent vessel a couple of times where I needed to manage the no solid issue on the iPhone. Despite the fact that there may not be a complete arrangement given the idea of the issue, there are some dependable stunts that can fix the iPhone that doesn’t deliver sound.

iPhone Speaker Repair

We have all confronted some bizarre issues on the iPhone eventually or the other. Furthermore, one of the most widely recognized issues that a considerable lot of us have experienced is the “iPhone sound not working” issue. Call us for iPhone speaker Repair in KL  +60 11 3930 2194

iphone speaker repair
iphone repair shop kl

iPhone Microphone Repair

The main thing you ought to do when your iPhone’s mouthpiece quits working is to test it utilizing diverse applications. This is on the grounds that your iPhone has three Microphone: one on the back for chronicle video sound, one on the base for speakerphone calls and other voice accounts, and one in the earpiece for telephone calls. Visit us for diagnose and iPhone Sound Repair Services

iPhone 7 Plus Audio / Sound Problem

Pretty much consistently we fixed iPhone 7 or 7 Plus sound ic issue. We called it Sound IC disease. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus having sound or sound issue isn’t uncommon. At the point when Audio IC isn’t working appropriately.


  • Incapable to record voice (No sound gadgets found)
  • Other parties can’t hear you when calling
  • Slow boot-up Apple Logo
  • No Sound
  • Video record got issue
iphone sound repair

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