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In the event that your Phone has never been fixed and you as of now have the information safe, you may have a couple of choices to swap, exchange the mobile directly with the producer. All fluid harm fixes accompany no assurances or guarantee. It would be ideal if you get in touch with us for more data about water harm fixes or obtaining another handset.

External Drying

Take out your phone from water or liquid as soon as possible, remove the case of the iPhone if you have and take out SIM card too then dry it with a towel or any dry cloth. Still not working visit the iPhone Water Damage Repair Malaysia

iphone water damage repair
iphone water damage repair

Power OFF

Power off is most important if you do it sooner the higher its chances to recover. After External drying, you need to power down the phone immediately If your phone battery is removable also remove the battery.Call / whatsapp for iPhone Water Damage Repair Cost +60 11 3930 2194

Interior Drying

There are many guides to get rid of the water inside the iPhone. Most effective are, use a hairdryer or put your phone under the light or other heat treatment but should not be damaged phone and internal parts. But most effective for internal drying is uncooked rice or silica gel Put your iPhone in a bag of uncooked rice wait for at least 72 hours. if Still got problem Contact our experts at +60 11 3930 21 94

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