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Your phone may be a casualty of an unforeseen accident, and you’re struggling with finding out what to do. Consequently, you could consider sending it in for repairs or fixing yourself, but there are risks involved depending on how bad the damage is! It might not hurt as much if we can help guide you through this challenging process, so that everything turns out well for both parties involved. Whether it’s exchanging phones because one was dropped into liquid by accident or getting another handset following an outright disaster such as losing all their data due to faulty hardware, we’ll work together towards finding the best solution possible while still adhering to safety regulations.

If your phone has never been repaired and you currently have all of its information secure, there are a couple of choices for exchanging or receiving another handset. All fluid damage fixes come with no promises or guarantees as they apply only to fixing water damage on phones which can lead to additional problems over time if not correctly taken care of from start to finish. It’s best to accrue more data about what type(s)of harm is/are present.

External Drying

Take out your phone from water or liquid as soon as possible, remove the case of the iPhone immediately and take out the SIM card. Once you’ve dismantled the parts, wipe them with a dry towel or any dry cloth. Visit the iPhone Water Damage Repair Malaysia if it’s still not working.

iphone water damage repair
iphone water damage repair

Power OFF

Consider turning off your device as soon as possible. The faster you switch off your device, the higher its chances of recovery. After External drying, you need to switch off your phone immediately. If your phone battery is removable, you should remove the battery instantly. Do you need further assistance with water damage repair? Call or WhatsApp us at +60 11 3930 2194.

Interior Drying

To get rid of the water inside your iPhone, you can use a hairdryer or put it under the light. But this will not damage the phone and internal parts, so it’s safe for these solutions too! For a more effective drying technique, try uncooked rice with Silica Gel (available at supermarkets). Place all electronics in a bag before enclosing them into Highly absorbing Polymer Electrode Solutions (“HAPES”), let sit there overnight, then remove promptly – if still have problems contact our experts at +60 11 3930 21 94.

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