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iPhone 6s Plus Screen Repairs

Expedient fix services for broken iPhone 6s Plus screens. Squashed in your back pocket? Pummeled in a vehicle entryway? Or on the other hand, sneaked out your hands? Despite how the screen crushed, we can replace iPhone 6s plus screen like new again.

iPhone 6s Plus Repair Cost & Turnaround Time

iPhone 6s Plus RepairsRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone 6s Plus Screen Repair250 RM30 mins
iPhone 6s Plus ProtectorFREE1 min

iphone screen repair

iPhone 6s Repair Cost & Turnaround Time

iPhone 6s RepairsRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone 6s Screen Repair200 RM30 mins
iPhone 6s ProtectorFREE1 min

iPhone 6s Screen Repairs and Replacement services

Screen fixes for the iPhone 6s have never been simpler. With master workmanship, consistent client support and nearby assistance focus, we can have you repaired in no time. Avoidance is in every case superior to the fix after we have effectively repaired iPhone 6s LCD, including additional layers of insurance is profoundly suggested. Gone are the times of those terrible plastic screen monitors that air pocket and scratch and those modest, boisterous, cheap elastic cases. There are some quality items at present accessible to secure your iPhone 6s against an effect, water, residue and weight with frill from the world driving produces. On the other hand, investigate some good quality Damage Cover for additional genuine feelings of serenity.

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