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iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repairs

Get your iPhone 7 Plus screen repair by Malaysia’s most experienced specialists. Quick turnaround times and economical pricing at store.

*Special Offer: FREE Tempered Glass screen insurance worth RM 20 with each iPhone screen replacement

iPhone 7 Plus Repair Cost & Turnaround Time

iPhone 7 Plus RepairsRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair300 RM30 mins
iPhone 7 Plus ProtectorFREE1 min

iPhone 7 Repair Cost & Turnaround Time

iPhone 7 RepairsRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone 7 Screen Repair200 RM30 mins
iPhone 7 ProtectorFREE1 min

iPhone 7 Screen Repairs and Replacement

When your iPhone 7 screen is not working 100 % because of false or harm the visuals can aggravate it appear to be much than it really is. Here we diagnose the absolute most regular issues you are probably going to encounter that would all be able to be fixed with a replacement. iPhone 7 LCD Repairs and Replaced when get damage the display can show a rainbow of pixelated shapes, lines and examples. Now and then the capacity will remain yet in many occasions you will lose any touch include abilities. Discontinuity, glimmering and whimsically shaking are likewise normal in the wake of splitting the hidden LCD segment.

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