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iPhone XS Max Screen Repairs

The iPhone is by a wide margin the most well-known mobile phone utilized in Malaysia and adds to by far most of the gadgets we fix. We have experienced each believable issue you could understanding. Fortunately, servicing the iPhone models is genuinely clear and iPhone Screen Replacement Services are finished inside 30 minutes upon appearance. In the event that your Apple Manufacture warranty has expired or has been voided because of damage, please feel free to contact us.We can fix practically any iPhone fault including cameras, charging connectors, sound and power issues. For the latest models iPhone Xs Max Screen Repair and Replacement and also repair and fix broken iPhone LCD Glass and back glass.

iPhone X Screen Repair Cost & Turnaround Time

iPhone X RepairsRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone X Screen Repair800 RM30 mins
iPhone X Screen ProtectorFREE1 min

iPhone XS Max Screen Cost & Turnaround Time

iPhone XS Max RepairsRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone XS Max Screen Repair1200 RM30 mins
iPhone XS Max ProtectorFREE1 min

iPhone XR Screen Cost & Turnaround Time

iPhone XR RepairsRepair PriceRepair Time
iPhone XR Screen Repair600 RM30 mins
iPhone XR ProtectorFREE1 min

Looking for A iPhone X Screen Repair and Replacement Service?

Screen repairs are by far the most well-known problem we see for the iPhone. however, there are numerous different things that can turn out badly. Whatever the issue, we can fix practically any issue you are encountering. For other iPhone models, iPhone XR full screen repair and replacement services 

Do you use original Apple iPhone Screens?

This is an inquiry we get asked daily. In all actuality, no one but Apple can offer you Original parts. Apple doesn’t sell or supply stock to outsiders. For what reason would they? if your gadget breaks, Apple and different makers clearly need you back to the store to be up-sold new items and services. Producer swap projects are perfect in the occasion your gadget can’t be fixed. In any case, for basic fixes, there are additional time and financially savvy arrangements accessible to you. Estimating for fixes depend on the nature of the part being introduced. We only use high-grade parts that have been thoroughly tested earlier and post establishment. 

Quality Parts, Expert Installation, and Fast iPhone XS Max LCD Repair Services

With you can rest safe in the information you are getting the best parts, introduced by expert technicians at the correct cost. Also, any personal time will be insignificant as we can fix practically any issues within 30 minutes upon appearance. If the Front Glass cracked and you want to Be Repaired Without Replacing The LCD Display

With all iPhone models, the front glass that you associate with is joined to the LCD display underneath. The two segments meet up as one complete unit and are reinstalled at the same time. It is possible to replace the individual parts however it would be counter profitable, as the two segments will get harmed during the partition and will wind up costing more than the full LCD substitution.

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