A broken iPhone will lessen the user performance and that’s why it must be repaired as soon as possible. Most of the time, iPhone screens are damaged and broken due to several reasons while they need a quick repair or replacement, so to enjoy the perfect performance and to save the mobile device for any other issue. In Malaysia, iPhone Screen Repair is not a big deal now– Thanks to The iPhone Repair company where your single visit will definitely fix the issue.

Our Process

Apple devices, especially iPhone are famous for their screen resolution and quality. When the genuine one is broken or out of order, the users are looking for a perfectly close alternative from the market. At The iPhone Repair, we offer the finest quality after-market screens and glasses, that provides you a flawless working once again. All you need is to visit the store and let us fix your phone. 

The iPhone Repair Malaysia near me is following a simple, systematic and result-oriented process, assuring a win-win situation always. For all beloved customers, our inspection is free and there is no need to pay a single dollar until your iPhone is back to work again. When our team receives an iPhone for the screen replacement, we will try to find out the root cause, checking out the screen and the glass one by one before start our processing. The team always go for iPhone LCD Glass Repair first, believing to save the main display unit. In this way, we claim that our repairing process is always cost-effective, saving time, resources and money for every client. Here are some key steps followed by our team as we get a device for repairing:

  • As soon we get the device, the team joins hands to check its error, tries to dig the root cause and the main problem. If it’s about screen replacement, we initially try to save the screen.
  • Once we have a complete picture of the problem, our team will focus on different solutions, propose alternatives and select the most economical and efficient one for long term results. We claim our proposed solutions will fix the problem and save your money too. 
  • At every state of repair, we keep on guiding clients and inform them about the price of repair. The iPhone Repair never fix any phone before the client’s approval.

Walk-in customers are welcome

No customer is big or small for The iPhone Repair! Either you are a walk-in customer, or have a pre-booking for iPhone screen replacement, we are always honored at our company. Whether you are visiting our brand for new model iPhone model repair or it’s about iPhone 5 screen replacement, we have got you covered. You are always welcomed at our company, any time for any problem- we make sure you step out after a quality repair.

So at The iPhone Repair, there is nothing impossible. We have successfully repaired complex problems, returning-back customers a perfect device, free of any issue. We believe to accept challenges and to surpass every solution through quality mobile Phone repairing services in Malaysia. It all starts with your one single visit – Don’t live with your broken iPhone now as we are on the floor to fix it now!

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