iphone sound repair

An iPhone is undoubtedly an impeccable device, flawless in performance and it requires much care than an ordinary device. This article will explain some identification notes that how anyone can find that an iPhone speaker, mic or sound is not responding.  iPhone “no-sound” problem is one of the most common issues along the mic, and that’s why iPhone sound repair is one last resort to set an iPhone back to quality calling again. Here are some main key points to identify that your iPhone sound card is not working properly:

·       The iPhone is not ringing with proper tone or the sound tone is different than the genuine one

·       The iPhone speakers will stop working or you find some noisy sound, with different pitch

·       It’s not possible to listen music on iPhone speaker without the headphones

·       Sometimes, the volume bars will become disappear

At The iPhone Repair, our center offers iPhone sound IC repair which is a complete solution to sound repairing, restoring the device back to flawless performance once again. You can listen to the music with the same quality sound and make phone call without any sound problem!

iPhone mic Repair & Restoration

A phone primarily use is to make a phone call and to enhance the connectivity. If the mic o the sound chip is not working, you can connect with others through voice calls. Most of the times, due to water damage or any other malfunction, iPhone mic stops working and requires a perfect restoration. The iPhone Repair jumps into the market with all inclusive iPhone repairing service, providing quality assured repairs. We believe that every repairing service must covers two ingredients: Quality and cost effectiveness! So, are you using a headphone or external Bluetooth device just because your mic or speaker is out of order? Relax, just make a single visit and we will fix and repair your iPhone Mic in minimal time.

Bring your faulty iPhone anytime!

Bring your faulty phone at our repair center and we will tune it with the right functionalities once again. We claim that whenever it comes to iPhone repairing, there is no entity that can repair iPhone better than us in Malaysia. We are much more confident in every work, whether it’s about mic repair or even iPhone speaker repair.

We use quality parts

To become an all time favorite, reliable and reputed iPhone repair center in Malaysia, our prime focus is to replace every part with first quality and best aftermarket alternative. This is one definite way to revert back iPhone to its original performance. You will receive warranty after every repair and no one can even feel a pin different after our repairing service – Start enjoying actual performance for your iPhone.

Before every repair, we initially check the device, quote the estimated cost and after client’s approval, the team starts repairing your iPhone. So, visit our repairing lab, meet our technicians for any iPhone repair in Malaysia, while we will provide optimal and effective solution every time.  No need to operate your iPhone with a single fault – Book your appointment with us or walk-in our center for first class Mobile repairing service in Malaysia.

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