iphone repair shop kl

Apple has enjoyed monopoly over its device repair for a decade which is gradually fading. People no longer have to keep looking up for warranty validity nor queue up in the nearest Apple repair shop. Broken, damaged or tainted iPhone LCD Glass repair is no nightmare now. It can be easily fixed. Such great is the state of professionalism in Malaysia that iPhone repair service Malaysia Claims: ‘You break it, twist it, damage it- bring it to us! We will heal it.’

These Malay companies proudly handle all Apple devices with skill and originality that matches experts at Apple itself. These men can fix all Apple device like iPod, iPad, iPhone or MacBook. iPhone repair service providers cover almost the whole of Malaysia with a large number of smaller units at Petaling Jay, Iphone Repair Shop Kuala Lumpur, Damansara, Putrajaya, and Penang. They are capable of handling all older and recent iPhone models with similar finesse such as iPhone Xs Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, all models of iPhone 6 Series and 5S series.

iPhone repair services KL is really fast. All these service providers have online stores where customers can simply log in and order their repair. They can enter the damage nature, and specify what kind of repair they prefer and also mention how to pick up the phone or deliver it. Phones can be handed to the shop or their agents can pick it up for you. Similarly, you can opt to get the repaired cell returned to your door or pick it yourself. Smaller repairs can be done as fast as less than 15 -20 minutes. So iPhone repair is no longer a nightmare or heartbreaking news. Just chill and enjoy using the iPhone without worrying too much over it getting broken or damaged.

Most amazing thing is that these repair centers across Malaysia have excellent diagnostic units, where your iPhone is first properly searched to look up for the kind or extent of damage present. This enables the iPhone doctors to perform the correct repair service over your phone. The spare parts replaced are now as good as original. In certain cases, they are the real Apple spare parts. So this business is there to kill Apple’s dictatorship over repairing their devices themselves.

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