iphone battery replacement

iPhone has often been the center of many controversies. The most recent has been the iPhone battery replacement, in which Apple has been more than often accused of having slowed down its iPhone models intentionally to upgrade the customer to newer models.

Much has been done and debated over this. Apple had following the massive scandal offered 1 year special discount on battery replacements- a program that ends with the New Year 2019. Those who had weak batteries and did not avail this offer should be sorry it was just $29 as compared to normal rates of $74 or more.
Apple has in detail explained that iPhone models 6 and older versions were being throttled to avoid phone shut down under great duress on the processor during peak hours. Now, users can simply go in the battery option of the phone and disable this feature.

iphone x battery

As with all smartphone, with usage, the batteries get weaker and gradually stop performing as newer. The phone then takes longer to get charged and that leads to irritation and is a big headache. Apple recommends iPhone battery replacement when the battery shows you it’s working under 80% of its capacity. Users can view the health of their iPhone battery by going in the Setting menu, then to Battery option and there the Battery Health option (in IOs 11) tell you the maximum running capacity of your cell battery and whether it needs replacement or not.

There are still other ways to have your iPhone’s battery be changed. Money, of course, might be a problem. But, if you are open to alternatives to the Apple services, then iPhone repair service Malaysia is a fabulous option. You can avail many services here from iPhone battery issues to its IOS upgrade, to screen services. iPhone repair service Malaysia is a reliable portal where you can ship your iPhone or call their representative and arrange a local service or negotiate what you actually want and when. The services are impeccable and timely with even warranty up to 2 years. Fantastic! Is it not?