Iphone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max Problems And Expert’s Solutions

You are super happy knowing that your iPhone 11 has no such issues as reading online. While you are boasting about it, suddenly it appears that your mobile battery does not last long.

So, the solution is to replace the battery and ensure that it does not give rise to a new problem. But, to your utter dismay, just after the replacement, you see that there is a pop-up message that reads “important not genuine LCD or battery.”

You can try to solve this issue yourself or count on a specialist who can help you with the needful. Before approaching a specialist, follow these simple steps that might help you solve the problem.

Steps to fix your iPhone 11 at home:

Step 1:

Consider switching off Bluetooth, wifi, and still, if needed, then use airplane mode to shut down completely. 

Step 2:

You will require a force restart of your mobile phone to access the menu. Then, go to the settings for making the adjustments with the date and time. The adjustment of the time zone is one month later.

Step 3:

Power off the mobile phone forcefully. On restarting, you will discover that the message is gone. After rebooting, you will need to swipe the phone to clear the warning message on the screen.

Step 4:

The next step is to go to the general settings to turn on the automatic date and time update. All these are possible only when your mobile is not connected to the internet or the network.

Step 5:

Finally, turn the airplane mode off and switch on the wifi or Bluetooth. It will help you know if the problem persists or is solved.

Step 6:

For confirming if the task is complete, you may reboot the mobile. You will notice that the pop-up of non-genuine mobile phones disappears.

These steps might help to resolve the problem at home without using money or time to visit a specialist.

You need to consider an essential point that these steps are better when performed by the specialist using the necessary tools. Most of the time, when you try them out, it will not allow you to proceed smoothly as you lack complete knowledge.

However, another problem is an everyday encounter by the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 pro max users. The issue of a freezing screen on the Apple logo after switching on, or can’t go to the menu, suddenly stuck on the apple logo or restarting on the apple logo.

Though you will find a separate blog on this topic, you can take a glimpse of the solution.

Discussion On Apple Mobile Screen Stuck On The Logo:

If you want to fix the phone, the first step is to understand the reason behind this trouble. When you start researching, you will know that it has endless reasons. But a slight error with the software can result in such issues.

The primary reason is a glitch with the firmware, preventing phone startup. And the worst that can happen is a bug that has corrupted the mobile and will not allow your phone to move further from the screen.

Some other issues are running out of power, being unable to update your phone, etc.

However, when you hire the services of a professional, they can resolve such issues in no time. So, you do not have to bear the pain of a non-functioning mobile.

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