Simple And Efficient Method To Fix Your Iphone X , X's , X's Max

Suddenly stuck on Apple Logo or restarting on Apple Logo. Can’t go to the Menu.

iPhones are dreams for most users. It is a brand that does not demand frequent updates, maintenance, or repairs. With such a reputation, it is surprising to know of the common problems with the latest iPhone models.

Moreover, since such phones are costly, people do not expect repairs are errors just after months of purchase.

Mobile phone users with the latest model numbers X, X’s, and X’s Max experience issues such as suddenly being stuck on the Apple logo or restarting the apple logo, or the user can’t go to the menu.

Hence apple phone users must be wondering why the phone is on the reboot loop.


  • Jailbroken device leads to one such problem
  • Often iPhone misbehaves after a system update
  • An expired beta version of the operating system
  • During the transfer of the data from old to new phone
  • Internal damage of the hardware
  • Lastly, it can be a hardware lapse

These are the possible causes when you see that your iPhone X, X’s, X’s Max is stuck on the apple logo or the restarting logo. It is necessary to upgrade your knowledge about your phone which is an asset for you. Let us now find out the steps for fixing the defective phone.

Solutions To Suddenly Stuck On Apple Logo Or Restarting On Apple Logo:


A simple restart can fix the problem on your phone. But, when you find your iPhone X stuck on logo, and you have an integrated battery, it’s challenging to restart. So, do the needful if you can for a quick reboot.


In troubleshooting mode, switching your phone to recovery mode will help specifically. Whenever the phone freezes, it signals that the operating system cannot function smoothly. Choosing the method boosts the phone, stops the OS, and allows you to fix the fault.

Hence, you can install a new version following the procedure. So, whenever the iPhone X’s stuck on Apple logo, consider fixing it yourself.


DFU is an excellent method to restore the functioning of the iPhone. It gives the user the option to take a backup and start fresh. Though it might seem similar to the recovery mode, it focuses on solving low-level issues. The purpose is to fix the cause and restore its functioning.

So, follow these three basic steps when your iPhone is stuck on the logo when restarting.

One of the most beneficial attributes of Apple products is that you can get several videos and suggestions on fixing common issues on your own. If you cannot fix the fault, count on a specialist.

Some other severe challenging problems for you other than iPhone X’s Max stuck on logo such as a green line on the display screen, trouble connecting the Bluetooth, slow wi-fi or data speed, camera problems, and many more.

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