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Apple users never leave it and hang onto another. Simply because its devices are marvelous and more reliable than others. IPhone 7 is quite popular and a favorite as it has many improvement such as the water resistant property. However, sometimes certain small issues arise that irritate and make iPhone users cry out in frustration-because one cannot simply do without the iPhone.

Here is a list of smart ways to fix iPhone and in particular iPhone7.

1.      What to do when the speaker button goes grey during calls?

Although Apple earlier was offering repair services for the issue or correcting the external and internal speakers, it is no longer entertaining this minor issue. Most likely, you can avoid this by ensuring the external devices that are used with the set. Also do not keep the Bluetooth enabled even when it is not in use or during calls. This seems to work out.

2.      No cellular service after emerging from the Airplane Mode

This issue is affecting a very minor number of device and Apple takes full responsibility for it. It offers free repair for such devices, so no tension in this case. Simply approach a nearby Apple store and get it resolved if your phone falls in the category that Apple is offering free repair on. Otherwise, another simpler solution is to switch off your device, re-plug in the Sim and restart it. You can repeat this two three times to fix the issue. In case, this fails then, try upgrading to a newer IOS version.

3.      Lower Battery Life

Many users of iPhone & are complaining about the battery draining out real fast. To avoid it you should try upgrading to the latest version or version 10.2 in which battery related problems have been resolved.

Many other issues are being faced by the users of iPhone 7. You should try visiting websites such as iPhone repair Malaysia where all sorts of issues related to Apple devices are catered to and solved. IPhone repair KL provides simpler yet effective solutions to major and minor all types of issues your iPhone might be facing.

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